• Don't Miss These 10 Beauty And Makeup Hacks

    Don't Miss These 10 Beauty And Makeup Hacks

    When it comes to skincare and beauty, most women like to look for simpler solutions. No matter the number of beauty treatments and makeup products you use, it is sometimes enough to do a few small things. If you love your skin and enjoy makeup, these 10 hacks right from the popular of health and beauty influencers!

    • Want to shrink a pimple overnight before an event? Just use some white toothpaste, and the pimple will subside by morning. Do not use gel toothpastes if you are looking for quicker results.
    • Curling your lashes can be a big trouble, but you can double the effect easily. Just use blow dryer to heat up the curler and use it immediately to get better curling effect. Be careful with your eyes though!
    • Dry hair can be really hard to deal with, and frequent shampooing can only worsen the condition. Get some virgin coconut oil and apply it all over the scalp for natural conditioning. Coconut oil is also great for dry skin.
    • Purchased a foundation darker than your skin tone? You can mix a little of your favorite cream like Zeta White Cream to lighten the effect. Extreme dark foundations can also be used effectively for light contouring.
    • Don't want to get a separate leave-in conditioner? Well, get a bottle of Argan oil. Argan oil is great for dealing with split ends and will work wonders if you have colored and damaged hair. Being natural, it is completely safe to use.
    • Want to have bigger and brighter looking eyes? Just add a little of your favorite silver or gold eye shadow around the corner of the eyes, right after completing the makeup.
    • Most of us crave for that incredible plump effect on the lips. If you don't have money for expensive lip jobs, just add a bit of peppermint oil to regular lip gloss for some instant effect.
    • Want to get perfect lip look? Use a concealer or foundation around the lip area, better if the tone matches perfectly with your natural shade. Use a lip liner at all times to define the lips.
    • Want a gel-liner look but don't have one? All you need is your regular kohl pencil, and you can heat it with a lighter to get the perfect gel effect.
    • Puffy eyes at the start of the day can be annoying. Use an ice pack for about ten minutes for instant revival.

    Have you found the best one on the list?